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Man of the Match

  Several readers of the Daily Telegraph (17 September 2012) thought it must be April Fool’s Day when they read about the trade mark on the words,   MAN OF THE MATCH . “I know I dropped off during Downton Abbey but it seems I have slept right through to April 1st!” said one.      However this isn’t a practical joke.  The phrase has actually been trademarked since 2002 but now the owner is selling and the trade mark, according to the paper, is expected to reach six figures. What’s important with a trade mark is the goods and services for which the trade mark has been registered (the company has both EU and UK trade marks).  Looking at the Intellectual Property Office site, it’s possible to see that this trade mark is covered under the following classes, 09, 16, 18, 25, 38 and 41: Class 09: CDs, mouse mats, mobile phone accessories. Class 16: Magazines. Class 18: Rucksacks. Class 25: Clothing, hats. Class 28: Games. Class 38: Broadcast of television and radio programmes. Class 41: Sporti

Stop the Online Squatters

 According to the Daily Telegraph this week disputes over domain names have hit a record high.  Domain squatters will usually use an existing company’s trade mark in a domain name to divert traffic to the new fake site or to make the company buy back their rightful name. The Telegraph noted that this year alone, luxury fashion brand Gucci has been forced to report six cases to win control of more than 100 domains, while Austrian luxury brand Swarovski has brought, and won, 32 cases since 2010. Recent cases have also included London Mayor, Boris Johnson, reclaiming his campaign website after a squatter had taken it over. Disputes are adjudicated on by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). At Trade Mark Direct, we're contacted every day by companies who are losing out online as they don't have the rights that come with a registered trade mark, which can cost as little as £470.  Ensure your business is protected both on and offline. Please contact Mark or Kate at Tr