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Android KitKat - isn't that trademark infringement?

 Me) So the clever marketing people at Google have decided to call the next Android Operating System KitKat. This after the current version was called Jelly Bean.  My wife) But isn't KitKat trademarked? I can see Jelly Bean is a type of sweet, not a brand, so anyone can use it and no one can trademark it. But KitKat? Me) Yes it is, Nestle is an enormous confectionary, food and other products company operating in probably all countries worldwide but for a troubled few. And they have trademarks registered for KitKat, which helped them beat Cadbury's in a recent dispute over the shape. My Wife) So if they'd wanted to Nestle could stop Google using the name KitKat Me) Yes if they'd wanted to Nestle probably could on the basis of being such a well known brand, even if they have registered it  as a trademark for confectionary and candies, and not for technology and software.   But here is the key point, more than one person can use and register the same trademark as long as i