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App store woes for Scandi CLUBHOUSE with EU TM

  You have to feel for Alexander Frederiksen who launched his Clubhouse app on the Apple iOS store and Google Play store in mid-2020. His business has been stopped dead with no distribution for his app. How come ? Alexander applied to trademark CLUBHOUSE at the EUIPO in class 9 (‘application software for social networking services via internet’) which was duly registered in October 2020. But this has been no protection from his app being removed from both the Apple and Google stores which he presumes follows intervention by the Silicon Valley based Clubhouse app being called the next Twitter, and popular with the gilded denizens of the US West Coast. And its reported they have no trademark applications of their own, and neither they nor Google and Apple have replied to poor Alexander. Our advice: if you\re building an app and want maximimum rights to keep it in the app store, register a US trademark, as the highest priority. And assume those running these stores have little awareness o