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Campaign Update on KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

 We would like to give you an update on the  'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON'   campaign and our actions to cancel the EU trade mark registration for  'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON'  by a company belonging to Mr Mark Coop. The trade mark registration gives the owner trade mark rights in all EU countries over posters, clothing, household items and other merchandise.  Firstly we are grateful to all those who have supplied evidence to us of  ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’  products being sold. This will be submitted soon. As expected, Mr Coop’s team has responded to our action to cancel the trade mark but we are pleased to say that there is nothing in his arguments or evidence that we were not anticipating. We have prepared arguments on why in law the registration should not have been accepted.  If anyone has evidence of volume sales, supported by invoices or other paperwork, to high profile high street retailers (e.g. department stores) these would be of particular use? We remain confident t