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Bitcoin Trademark and Domain sold

  When one of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchanges, Mt Gox, collapsed after being hacked for a second time. The Tokyo-based company filed for bankruptcy protection and admitted it had lost around 850,000 Bitcoins due to hacking. At the time their worth was £330m, altough since then they have apparently recovered 200,000 of the virtual currency. Now Mt. Gox, or rather those handling their bankruptcy are looking to sell the Japan and EU trade marks for Bitcoin in order to make some reparations, a company executive said. The trade marks are due to expire in 2021 in Europe and 2022 in Japan. There are also plans to include the domain name ( in a bundle package with the asking price set at $1million.In February the company had debts of around $56-63 million, so it makes for good incentive to sell off. Mt. Gox said at the time they filed the trade mark they “felt obliged to step up and oppose opportunists around the world from trademarking the concept and term”. So what happens