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Megan and Harry embroiled in right royal dispute

  Yes, not that dispute with the Royal family over differing recollections of what was said by whom to whom. But with Trademark and small business owner Victor Martin Soriano of the Philipines. Who’s application for the trademark ARCHEWELL HARVATERA filed by Soriano in July 2020 for cosmetics and fragrances has been opposed by Cobblestone Lane LLC (who they?) on behalf the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The opposition is based on Harry and Meghan’s brand Archewell, for which they filed applications in the EU, US amd UK ealier in 2020 Mr Soriano is reported as promising ‘a fight to the death’ against the former HRHs, but out of deep respect for the Queen says he’d drop his claim if the crown so requested. Plenty of popcorn sales being generated by Harry and Meghan this month.

UKIPO introduces new process for bulk change of trademark representative

  So many trademark owners are wanting to change representative at the UK that the UKIPO has brought in a new bulk process. In place of the normal TM33 form a spreadsheet template is used listing the application numbers of the trademarks. This greatly reduces the time and work required.  However this batch process can only be used for more than 50 trademarks and all must share the same existing representative and be transferred to to a single new firm. With 1.5 million new UK trademarks having been created overnight on 31st December 2020 from EU trademarks (as the UK transition from teh EU ended), many EU trademark owners are choosing to have UK firms take over representation. Trade Mark Direct has already taken over representation of more than a thousand trademarks on behalf of EU trademark owners. If you’re an EU trademark owner, or EU representative seeking a UK firm to partner with please contact us. There are no fees for having Trade Mark Direct listed as your UK representative.