Will You Trademark Your Next Big Idea

 So you've got your company name, you are ready to go into business and get your dream rolling. The next smart thing to do is own a trademark for your brand. That’s the TM you see superscripted beside the logos of your favorite brands.

For starters, your logo, name or whatever it maybe, is your property. You can sell it, franchise it, or even let other people have a license so they can also use it. Apple Inc, which started in 1976, is now a $400 billion dollar business! Under the company are several programs and products registered like Facetime®, iTunes Store®, and QuickTime®. The long list goes on. What if your startup becomes the next big thing?

Trademarks are all about brand recognition and making sure you protect your own business. It makes it easier for you to take legal action against anyone using your idea without your permission.

For your beloved consumers, trademarks protect them from counterfeiters and fraud. Trademarks allow Trading Standards Officers or the police to file charges. So you can be assured you've  protected your hard earned good name. Nobody wants a bad reputation and you want people to keep buying products from you! Not some knock off

What if you choose not to register your company?

If you choose not to register you might be in for some costly court battles in the future. How costly? Try a few hundred thousand dollars.And thats not even metioning the time and inconvenience. With a trademark you can expect to pay a whole lot less, usually a couple thousand dollars.

To simlify it all, a trademark is an effective insurance policy that not only protects you, but assures your customers of the standard you provide.

So what’s your bright idea? Go make it happen, get the ball rolling, but make sure you buy you think about your trademark.



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